Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Hot Babes Wearing Bont" Facebook Page - What Do You Think?

From Hot Lips: "This just comes off as exploitative, demeaning, chauvinistic and juvenile. I can see high-school boys printing this junk off and hiding it under their mattresses ..."

Videos of Skating Trails in Edinburg Scotland

From Dave Henniker: " I used a smaller-than-thumbsize camcorder for these videos. It's a MiniDV VD80 which I attached to a bamboo cane. This enabled me to video myself (ugly old pensioner) and get views from all angles...."

How to Warn a Pedestrian You Want to Pass

From chaos4ever: "How far in advance should you give pedestrians notice before passing them on a trail? I generally give a 2-3 second notice. Is this too short for pedestrians to react? "