Saturday, September 15, 2007

2007 Northshore Marathon Results and Reports

This year's Northshore Marathon is over and results, reports, and photos are starting to come in.

Horseback Riders vs. Skaters in Scotland

Here's what can happen when skaters meet horses on the trail.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Inline Figure Skaters Start Their Own Federation

The new federation will use ice figure skating rules instead of the rules currently used at competitions sanctioned by the International Roller Sports Federation (FIRS).

Grim Reminder of Why To Wear a Skating Helmet

A 53 year old doctor wearing inline skates was found unconscious and bleeding from a head wound on the side of the Benjamin Trail in New Jersey. He died in the hospital the next day.

Who's Going to the Houston Inline Marathon?

The Houston Inline Marathon is scheduled for Sunday November 4th and there will be a vendor expo and skater's party on Saturday, November 3rd. Who's going?

Skaters Share Heart Attack and Recovery Experiences

From MNRon: "For the past month I have been tired all the time. Very tired. Thought I'd been overdoing it so I took some time off. Still tired. Ate a little better and gained a couple pounds, but still tired. So I go to the doctor and here's what he said...."

79 Reasons For the Decline of Skating

Wow, almost 80 replies to our discussion about the decline of skating and opinions are still coming...

Hardness of Sure Grip Fugitive Wheels

From zinger: "Sure Grip Fugitives seemed to get good reviews as decent,mid-priced wheels, but practically every website advertising Fugitives gives different information about the hardness of those wheels..."

Memories of Skateland San Diego in the 1960's

From Nomad66: "Hi from an OLD Rexer who skated at the old Skateland roller rink in San Diego in the early sixties. It's hard to remember ever being that young or in that good of shape. Does anybody out there remember the good times and parties we had at Skateland? "

What Was Your First Roller Derby Bout Like?

A roller derby girl preparing to skate her first bout is wondering what to expect.