Wednesday, November 22, 2006

OK to Carry Skates and Tools on Airplanes?

From CT Skate: "Does anyone have any tips for air travel with skates? Any issues with security? I'm planning a trip to Southern California and want to bring my skates."

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Buggy Rollin' Man Video Clip

Here is a video clip of the incredible French Buggy Rollin' man Jean-Yves Blondeau rolling down a hill in full body armor plus a rare photo of him not wearing his Buggy Rollin' suit.

Help for Aching Ankles

From Sk8r Jean: "What products have you guys found effective for ankle pain relief? I'm looking for something lightweight with slight compression that I can wear only around my ankle while skating (as opposed to around the foot and ankle, with an opening for the heel - since those cut off my circulation and cause painful foot cramps no no matter what size I try)"

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Skater's Ankles Lean Inward

From VodkaCarrot: "I realize, from someone's observation, that when I skate, my ankles tend to lean inwards. How can I resolve this? "

How Old is Too Old to Skate?

From Rennvogel: "I have been a runner for many years and am seriously looking into in-line skating now. I was wondering if a young 49 year old is a little too old to start in-line skating. What do you think? Any other 40+ year olds out there that can relate some experiences?"

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Comment Insulted Roller Derby Girls

From mpudiwitr: "There are some teams that are showy and fight-y, but to generalize all of derby with the above referenced statement is a real insult to those of us who work as hard as real athletes."

Skate and Wallking Shoe Combo

From SkatingOnAir: "In the walking state, the rollers are actually in the sole and are prevented from rolling through friction with the undersole/bladder. In the skating state, the bladder drops the rollers so they contact the pavement."

Roller Girl Needs Skating Trophy

From Momi: "I skate for the Charm City Roller Girls and I'm looking for a source of trophies or awards that have either quad skates or roller skaters on them..."

Bont's New Semi-Race Skate

In 2007 Bont will offer a new skate called the "Semi-Race", targeted to skaters who want the comfort of a fitness skate and the performance of a speed skate. Here's the information released by Bont so far...

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Get Paid to Write About Skating has a job opening for an inline skating editor.

Tahiti Marathon is Permanently Cancelled

Tahiti Marathon organizer Christopher Pierre has announced that the skating portion of the February 2007 Tahiti Marathon has been cancelled due to lack of interest in recent years.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Hyper Humphreys or True-Rev Wheels?

From CBarrett017: "Does anyone have any experience with the new Hyper 100 millimeter Humphreys? True-Rev also makes a 100 millimeter wheel but I have no idea about those either..."

Is Drafting Mandatory at a Marathon?

One of the reasons many recreational skaters don't try skating marathons is they feel like marathons are a completely different animal then the kind of skating they normally do. They think they have to wear speed skates, a skinsuit, skate in a paceline, etc.