Sunday, December 16, 2007

Skater Was Bitten Twice by a Pit Bull

From SwedeInHouston: "While skating today I was bitten twice by a pit bull! I'm usually not scared of dogs but this one was pretty scary..."

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Two Roller Derby Associations: OSDA and WFTDA

What's the difference between the Old School Derby Association and the Women's Flat Track Derby Association?

Breathing Tips for Cold Weather Skaters

From Boazarad: "I can keep my body warm while skating in cold weather, but there comes the issue of breathing. After my last practice, I was left with a sore throat, and probably infected sinuses "

Why Have Heels on Roller Skate Boots?

What is the purpose of having a raised heel on a roller skate boot? What kind of skaters like them and what kind of skaters typically avoid them?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Best Quad Skate Setup for Speed on Outdoor Trails

If money is no object, what are the best boots, plates, and wheels for quad speed skating on paved outdoor trails?

Best Songs for Shuffle Skating

What are your all-time favorite songs for shuffle skating?

Tips for Practicing Crossovers

If your feet get all tangled up and you trip over yourself when you practice crossovers, these tips will help you get past that.

Anti-Skating Devices

What do you think about the anti-grinding devices and the pavement specifically designed to be UN-friendly to skaters that is seen more and more around public buidings?