Friday, September 29, 2006

Speed Skate Wheel Manufacturers

Who are the main inline speed skate wheel manufacturers, and what are each companies specialties, strengths, and weaknesses?

Artistic Roller Skate Wheels

Who are the main artistic roller skate wheel manufacturers, and why would you select one brand of artistic wheel over another?

Friday, September 22, 2006

How to Avoid and Relieve Skate Boot Pain

When I first started inline skating, I had a problem with foot pain every time I skated, so before every skate I went through a ritual of wrapping my feet and padding my ankle bones. What products do you recommend for preventing and relieving pain caused by skate boots?

110 Setup - Has Anyone Tried It Yet?

From 2500Express: "Has anyone tried the full 4x110 frames yet? I know they're not allowed under WIC regs but I am curious about how fast these things can allow you to go. Is there going to be a ceiling where you can't go any bigger?"

Roll Line Plates vs Snyder Plates

From Diagetus: "Has anyone tried both a Roll Line plate (Variant, Mistral, Energy) and a Snyder plate (Imperial, Super Deluxe, Advantage) for comparison? I'm curious about what skaters have to say about the difference in action between the two brands."

Books for Beginning Inline Skaters

"Get Rolling" by Liz Miller and other instructional books for beginning inline skaters.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Which Roller Sport Will Be Olympic First?

Could skateboarding make it into the Olympics before inline speed skating, artistic roller skating, and hockey?

Halloween Costume Skates in 2006

Tell us about your city's Halloween costume skate so we can add it to our worldwide schedule.

Order Your SkateLog Forum T-Shirts Now

The front this shirt is printed with "SkateLog Forum" and the back is printed with "Ask Me About Skating"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Three Tips to Improve Your Skating

From Jon B: "Land on your outside edges, get your butt down, and drive your leg forward."

How to Control Downhill Speeds

From Kaydo: "I'm interested in your advice on how I can best control speed going down hills. I've been skating too long to be asking this question, but..."

Police Car Hit 10 Year Old Inline Skater

A little girl got hit by a police car while she was crossing the street in Edmunton, Canada.

Northshore Dropped Out of the World Inline Cup

I heard the Northshore Inline Marathon dropped out of the World Inline Cup in 2006. Now the WIC has *no* events in North America. That does not bode well for our chance of getting inline racing into the Olympics.

Los Angeles Gets 2009 Ice Figure Skating Worlds

The 2009 Ice Figure Skating World Championships will take place at Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

4x90 or 5x84?

Which do you recommend for someone who has been skating two months?

Off-Road Inline Skates

Has anybody had any experience with off-road inline skates such as TrailSkates, Skike, or the Powerslide Nordic Trainer?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Richard Humphrey is in Ebony Magazine!

Rollerdance video producer Richard Humphrey is featured in the October 2006 issue of Ebony Magazine, in an article called "Rolling, Rolling, Rolling: Get And Stay Fit With Skating". Here is an introduction to that article.

Free SkateLog Forum Business Cards

Here's how to order a supply of our free SkateLog Forum business cards so you can pass them out to skaters you meet on your local trails, skateparks, and roller skating rinks.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Reports from the Northshore Marathon

From Dave Morgan's Northshore Marathon Report: "Instead of dropping me, Speedy stuck around and helped me finish the race. I don't know why. All I know is that I had the best time skating that I have ever had. It was a time that I will never forget. There are times when your brain is full of natural chemical goodness and every sensation is etched into some pathway in a permanent fashion. This was one of those intense times. I think because this race was so important to me..."

The Hazards of Session Skating

From Spins: "Last week at the rink a little girl was on the sideline when she decided to get onto the floor. But not with the flow of other skaters. Within twenty seconds she was hit..."

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Add Your Skating Events to Our Calendar

Tell us about your local skating events so we can add them to our 2006 and 2007 skating calendars. We are interested in all events, for any skating discipline, large or small, in any country!

What Sports Do You Love Besides Skating?

When you are not skating, what other sports are you involved in? What sports - other then skating - are your favorites?

What Got You Started in Aggressive Inline?

From Amy's Keeper: "Back in the 1990's my brother and his friends started aggressive skating. I've always wanted to be like my brother so I asked if he could teach me. He took out the middle two wheels of my rec skates..."

Quadlines and Other Outdoor Quad Skates

From hydrus01: "I have been researching a lot of different websites in hopes of purchasing a new pair of outdoor quad skates. Has anybody on this forum tried the new Quadlines?"

Monday, September 11, 2006

Inspirational Stories About Why People Skate

Why do you skate? Share your story!

Heel Brake vs. T-Stop

In a recent discussion, one skater said the t-stop is more effective and another skater said a well executed heel brake stop is more effective. Which stop works best for you?

How NOT to Pass on a Crowded Trail

From sk8scott: "This should be common sense, but I guess not everyone knows passing someone at a blind curve is a bad idea! Here's what happened..."

Northshore Marathon Roll Call

Who is skating the 2006 Northshore Inline Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota USA this weekend?

A2A Roll Call

Who is skating the 2006 Athens to Atlanta Road Skate on October 1 and what distance are you skating: 38, 52, or 87 miles?

Question About Skating Backwards

From onstar: "When I try to skate backwards I use my left foot to push, and I have most of my weight on my right foot. Is this correct? Where should most of my wieght be?"

Post Your Aggressive Skating Photos Here

Skaters in our aggressive skating forum are sharing their photos of vert and street skating tricks.

Artistic Roller Skating 3-Turns

From Spins: "I'm now doing all my three-turn edges in any and all directions!!! The really fun one is a three-turn on my right foot with my back heel coming toward..."

A Roller Dance Video Clip from France

Take look at this roller dancing and cone skating video from France!

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Why Are North American Rinks Closing?

"Spins" thinks immigration is causing North American roller skating rinks to close. What do you think?

Putting Larger Wheels in the Back

From Jibberish18: "What is the significance of putting bigger wheels in the back and smaller wheels up front?"

L-Arginine and Nitric Oxide

Why do some athletes take these supplements? What are they suppose to do?

Tips for Making a P-Rail

From lee-mcdonald: "when I was putting the coping on my mini spine ramp I used liquid nails..."

Hills to Skate in Los Angeles

Are there any?

Fancy Footwork on Artistic Skates

From Spins: "I've been doing footwork where on a right, forward, inside edge I can rotate three times. At the end I'm skating backward and extending the left leg back as if having landed a jump. Anyone use this in a combination with a jump or other move"

Slalom Skating in Berlin

Does anybody know where the local skaters set up slalom runs in Berlin, Germany?

Historic Roller Skating Rink is Being Restored

Here is some information about efforts to restore the historic Babbs Roller Skating Rink in Southwick Connecticut and get it listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

RollerSoccer Web Sites

Do you know about any RollerSoccer Web sites that are not included here?

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Creative Repair Techniques for Figure Skating Boots

How one skater used screws and super glue to get six more months out of his roller figure skating boots.

Salomon Skate Sizes

Some skaters say Salomon skates run larger then shoe sizes and others say they run smaller. What has your experience been?

How to Measure Skate Wheels

From CBeck: "What is the best way to go about measuring the size of your skate wheels?"

Maintaining Rust-Proof Bearings

From SeJoWa: "Powerslide bearings were mentioned a short while ago on this forum. I'd be grateful for suggestions on how best to pry loose the cover, as dirt and grit will need to be removed after a rain skate"

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Weird Ankle Pain After a Long Skate

From LinkLemming: "After skating 30 miles I noticed a foot and ankle soreness that I have never experienced before. I notice it most when going up and down stairs. The problem area is on the outside of my foot..."

Best Plates for Skating Figures?

From srknurse: "Can anyone tell me which plates are most popular for figures? I use Atlas but saw some I did not recognize at the U.S. Nationals..."

Which College Campus is Best for Skating?

Which colleges and universities are best for skating? Do any of them even allow inline skating?

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Best GPS Receiver for Skating

If you skate with a GPS receiver, which make and model do you have? Would you recommend it to others? What GPS do you recommend for people on a tight budget? What if they had an unlimited amount of money to spend?

Heat Molding Radical 100's

From Prefontaine: "I am considering heat molding my Radical 100 skates. How do I get the heel to fit tighter? After they come out of the oven, do I need to put shims or something between the heel cup and the boot?"

Monday, September 4, 2006

How to Overcome Fear of Skating

From Motosk8ter: "Carol broke her arm back in April, and we are now faced with a fear of skating, falling, and things related to the incident. Her return to skating has not been accomplished due to anxiety about what can happen. Has anyone gone thru this and just how did you work out of it?"

Beginner's Inline Skate Digs Into Calf

From NakitiDL: "While skating, especially on my left leg, the skate tends to dig into the inside of my calf. I've been trying to stay on the outside of the wheels like you're supposed to, but it only makes it worse..."

Best Wheel for Artistic Roller Skating?

From rskater: " I use to inline skate,and I am just getting into quad artistic roller skating. I am having a tough time selecting wheels. The surface I will be skating on is polished cement. I will be doing mainly freestyle. Any hardness and wheel size suggestions?"

Is There Any Roller Derby in Europe?

From Scratcher In the Eye: "I'm traveling through Spain and Italy this winter and I was wondering if Roller Derby had made its way out there and if anyone has any contacts?"

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Why Do You Skate?

Our forum visitors are explaining why skating has taken over their lives. Why do you skate?

Whatever Happened to Snyder Skates?

The Snyder Skates Web site has disappeared. What happened?

Four Canadian Roller Rinks Closed

At least four roller skating rinks in Ontario Canada have closed in the last two or three years.

Skater Needs Help With a Mohawk Turn

From RobinF: "I am nursing some rink rash today after falling down AGAIN while trying to master the mohawk turn. I am having a lot of trouble mastering it and I have the bruises to show for it..."

Mardi Gras Skating Marathon - February 2007

The second annual Mardi Gras Inline Skating Marathon will take place February 17, 2007 in Lafayette, Louisiana USA.

Inline Slalom vs. Quad Roller Skating Slalom

Are IFSA events and rules only for inline slalom skating, or are they also for slalom quad roller skating? Do people still do slalom skating on quad roller skates?

Boogie Fever Wheel Cleaning Strategy

From Spins: "During regular skate sessions debris causes bumping wheels to the point of being a huge distraction. The rinks no longer have wheel cleaner machines..."

Quadline and Other Outdoor Quad Skates

From hydrus01: "I have been researching a lot of different websites in hopes of purchasing a new pair of outdoor quad skates. Has anybody tried the new Quadlines?"

Is There Ice Hockey on Bornholm Island?

Does anybody know if there are any ice hockey clubs on Bornholm Island off the caost of Denmark?