Sunday, December 31, 2006

Can These Skates Be Saved?

From Buggfire: "The strap hook going across the foot on my left skate boot broke. It's plastic and I was thinking I'd just melt some more plastic onto it somehow. I did try krazy glueing, but the glued strap hook broke again tonight. Can anyone recommend a melt-plastic-bind fix or has anyone ever attempted to fix a problem like this?."

Why Does Italy Dominate Artistic Roller Skating?

From srknurse: "Why is Italy dominating the world championship events in artistic roller skating? I am a former nationally ranked artistic roller skater, and I remember "the old days" when the United States took home more than one or two medals. Is it the amount of rink time in Italy vs. the U.S.? Is it the caliber of coaching in Italy? Is it the rink surfaces? Does anyone have any speculations as to why this is occurring?"

Friday, December 29, 2006

Dry Lube for Skate Bearings

From Jibberish18: "I discovered the wonder of dry lube after I was looking for something to lubricate all the locks in my house with. I also needed it for my car's ignition cylinder which should only be lubed with dry-lube for it's ability to resist dust. After a while I started using this stuff to lube everything. I'm going to try and lube my girl's Abec5 bearings with this stuff. Anyone have any opinions?"

Using Back Wheel As a Brake

From cal gundert05: "Could a skater anti-rocker their first or last wheel and somehow immobilize it so it becomes a brake? "

Monday, December 4, 2006

Can't Unscrew My Wheels

From RayJai: "I can't unscrew the wheels from my blade. I broke one allen key trying. One of the screws to the wheel just keeps turning. What now?"

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Skating Chat Tonight - Sunday December 3

Join me and other skaters in the SkateLog Chat Room tonight, Sunday December 3, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm (19:00-20:00) Pacific/California time. You can stay the entire hour or you can pop in for a few minutes to say hello. Everybody is welcome!
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  • Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    OK to Carry Skates and Tools on Airplanes?

    From CT Skate: "Does anyone have any tips for air travel with skates? Any issues with security? I'm planning a trip to Southern California and want to bring my skates."

    Tuesday, November 21, 2006

    Buggy Rollin' Man Video Clip

    Here is a video clip of the incredible French Buggy Rollin' man Jean-Yves Blondeau rolling down a hill in full body armor plus a rare photo of him not wearing his Buggy Rollin' suit.

    Help for Aching Ankles

    From Sk8r Jean: "What products have you guys found effective for ankle pain relief? I'm looking for something lightweight with slight compression that I can wear only around my ankle while skating (as opposed to around the foot and ankle, with an opening for the heel - since those cut off my circulation and cause painful foot cramps no no matter what size I try)"

    Saturday, November 18, 2006

    Skater's Ankles Lean Inward

    From VodkaCarrot: "I realize, from someone's observation, that when I skate, my ankles tend to lean inwards. How can I resolve this? "

    How Old is Too Old to Skate?

    From Rennvogel: "I have been a runner for many years and am seriously looking into in-line skating now. I was wondering if a young 49 year old is a little too old to start in-line skating. What do you think? Any other 40+ year olds out there that can relate some experiences?"

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    Comment Insulted Roller Derby Girls

    From mpudiwitr: "There are some teams that are showy and fight-y, but to generalize all of derby with the above referenced statement is a real insult to those of us who work as hard as real athletes."

    Skate and Wallking Shoe Combo

    From SkatingOnAir: "In the walking state, the rollers are actually in the sole and are prevented from rolling through friction with the undersole/bladder. In the skating state, the bladder drops the rollers so they contact the pavement."

    Roller Girl Needs Skating Trophy

    From Momi: "I skate for the Charm City Roller Girls and I'm looking for a source of trophies or awards that have either quad skates or roller skaters on them..."

    Bont's New Semi-Race Skate

    In 2007 Bont will offer a new skate called the "Semi-Race", targeted to skaters who want the comfort of a fitness skate and the performance of a speed skate. Here's the information released by Bont so far...

    Wednesday, November 8, 2006

    Get Paid to Write About Skating has a job opening for an inline skating editor.

    Tahiti Marathon is Permanently Cancelled

    Tahiti Marathon organizer Christopher Pierre has announced that the skating portion of the February 2007 Tahiti Marathon has been cancelled due to lack of interest in recent years.

    Monday, November 6, 2006

    Hyper Humphreys or True-Rev Wheels?

    From CBarrett017: "Does anyone have any experience with the new Hyper 100 millimeter Humphreys? True-Rev also makes a 100 millimeter wheel but I have no idea about those either..."

    Is Drafting Mandatory at a Marathon?

    One of the reasons many recreational skaters don't try skating marathons is they feel like marathons are a completely different animal then the kind of skating they normally do. They think they have to wear speed skates, a skinsuit, skate in a paceline, etc.

    Friday, October 27, 2006

    Any Tips for Learning Crossover Turns?

    From Rab23: "I taught myself to skate on inlines last summer, however I never knew anything about a cross over until I got to a skating rink and saw everybody doing it, I've given it a few attempts on inlines and I'm making small progress. How do you actually do it?"

    What Are Your Speed Skating Plans for 2007?

    Which races around the world are you planning to skate in 2007?

    Can Skate Wheels Be Cleaned in a Dishwasher?

    From Motosk8ter: "Can skate wheels be washed in the dishwasher? Meets all the requirements, water, soap etc..."

    Thursday, October 26, 2006

    Transitioning to Speed Skates

    From DMoore: "After months of reading forums to learn about inline equipment, I finally made the leap to speed skates. Other than telling me to just get out there and skate, are there any words of advice while going through this major period of adjusting?"

    Monday, October 23, 2006

    Cleaning Bearings With a Needle (Video Clip)

    Dutch Skillwilly posted a video clip demonstrating how he uses a needle to unassemble and clean his skate bearings. Very cool!

    Is Mogema Getting Out of the Skate Business?

    Rumors are floating around that Mogema is getting out of the ice skate and inline skate business. Is it true?

    Bont and RAPS are Teaming Up

    From an October 16, 2006 press release: "Bont Australia and Raps Holland have announced that they have signed a long term distribution agreement for Europe. The agreement will also include both companies manufacturing skate parts for each other..."

    Skating With a Bad Leg Wrap

    From Spins: "From time to time I've heard the phrase that a certain artistic skater has a bad leg wrap on a jump but I never understood the meaning. If someone gets through a jump and lands, what is the big deal with how the leg goes with the skater?"

    How to Heat Mold Speed Boots

    From Oferyko: "Since my dealer forgot to supply me with instruction on how to heat mould my boots, can anyone give me some tips?. "

    Show Us Your Feet

    Skaters are sharing photos of what skating has done to their feet!

    What is the Best Brand of Bearings?

    From MaherWoman: "What is the best brand of bearings? I've been told Bones Swiss is sworn-by as the best, is this true?"

    Extreme Ice Skating

    Two Web sites are promoting the new sport of extreme ice skating. What do you think about that sport? Would you try it?

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    California Skating Rink Bans Roller Dancers

    From RollerDanceMan: "Recently at our regular R&B rink skating session the manager got on the mike and said that we can no longer dance in the middle of the floor. I spend 95% of my time in the middle. Can you imagine the shock on everyones face??? Has anyone else gone through this madness, and if so what did you do?"

    Which Makes Nicer Legs - Skating or Running?

    Do the legs of runners and skaters develop differently? Show us a photo of your skater legs.

    New Roller Derby Skater Needs Advice

    From StinkBomb: "After a few laps or a real push the tops of my feet and my ankles start burning like hell and my legs shake. I want to develop more endurance and strength..."

    Skater Experiencing Foot Arch Pain

    From Huy: "The middle of my foot aches whenever I rollerblade for more than 10 minutes. Here's a picture showing where it hurts..."

    PIC vs. SnowWhite Artistic Inline Frames

    From Zerio: "I've seen the SnowWhite artistic frames in videos but the spins have no speed. Only camels and traveling camels could be performed. How about PIC frames? I Haven't seen any videos to compare them, but only photos of a woman skating outdoors doing toe spins and other acrobatic stuff, but no axels or toe loops..."

    Inline Speedskate Wheel Manufacturers

    Who are the main inline speed skate wheel manufacturers, and what are each companies specialties, strengths, and weaknesses?

    Crowded Roller Skating Rinks ...ARGH!!!

    From MaherWoman: "Did I have a frustrating time in the rink today! They were having FIVE birthday parties and I spent more time dodging unpredictable, irritating kids and fallen bodies than actually skating."

    Sunday, October 8, 2006

    Is Inline Skating Perceived as a Gay Sport?

    From Sk8Scott: "Like it or not, the mainstream young American male is homophobic and equates male inline skating with male homosexuality. This intimidates them and others out of trying the sport, if their laziness hasn't already deterred them. Feats of speed, endurance, and/or grace aren't "manly" in the USA if lycra is involved..."

    Skating With Weights

    From Ice Ramps: "I'm trying to maximize my limited skate time (limited being around 15-20 hours per week of inline skating and ice skating combined) by using a 20 pound weighted vest along with 5 pound ankle weights. Anyone else done this type of work out? Pros? Cons?"

    New Skater is Experiencing Back Pain

    From Kataris: "After skating for 10-20 minutes, I develop a pain in my lower back, almost like my muscles there are contracting and trying to bend my back in half. Anyone else experience this? Or know how to keep it from happening?"

    Tuesday, October 3, 2006

    A2A Results, Reports, and Photos

    Skaters who did 87 miles, 52 miles, or 38 miles in the October 1, 2006 Athens to Atlanta Road Skate are posting their reports and photos here. If you skated that event, tell us about your experience!

    Monday, October 2, 2006

    How To Prevent and Treat a Foot Blister

    From MaherWoman: "I had a VERY painful, red, slightly swollen blister, and since putting one of those pads on it about three hours ago, there's been a drastic improvement..."

    Do All Skaters Need To Wear Helmets?

    Do only speed skaters and outdoor recreational skaters need to wear helmets? What about slalom skaters, roller dancers, artistic skaters, and recreational skaters in a roller rink? Do you favor mandatory helmet laws?

    A2A 2006 Results and Reports

    Here are the results of the 87 mile Athens to Atlanta race in Georgia USA on October 1, 2006. Watch for reports from our forum visitors who skated A2A in the next few days.

    Friday, September 29, 2006

    Speed Skate Wheel Manufacturers

    Who are the main inline speed skate wheel manufacturers, and what are each companies specialties, strengths, and weaknesses?

    Artistic Roller Skate Wheels

    Who are the main artistic roller skate wheel manufacturers, and why would you select one brand of artistic wheel over another?

    Friday, September 22, 2006

    How to Avoid and Relieve Skate Boot Pain

    When I first started inline skating, I had a problem with foot pain every time I skated, so before every skate I went through a ritual of wrapping my feet and padding my ankle bones. What products do you recommend for preventing and relieving pain caused by skate boots?

    110 Setup - Has Anyone Tried It Yet?

    From 2500Express: "Has anyone tried the full 4x110 frames yet? I know they're not allowed under WIC regs but I am curious about how fast these things can allow you to go. Is there going to be a ceiling where you can't go any bigger?"

    Roll Line Plates vs Snyder Plates

    From Diagetus: "Has anyone tried both a Roll Line plate (Variant, Mistral, Energy) and a Snyder plate (Imperial, Super Deluxe, Advantage) for comparison? I'm curious about what skaters have to say about the difference in action between the two brands."

    Books for Beginning Inline Skaters

    "Get Rolling" by Liz Miller and other instructional books for beginning inline skaters.

    Thursday, September 21, 2006

    Which Roller Sport Will Be Olympic First?

    Could skateboarding make it into the Olympics before inline speed skating, artistic roller skating, and hockey?

    Halloween Costume Skates in 2006

    Tell us about your city's Halloween costume skate so we can add it to our worldwide schedule.

    Order Your SkateLog Forum T-Shirts Now

    The front this shirt is printed with "SkateLog Forum" and the back is printed with "Ask Me About Skating"

    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    Three Tips to Improve Your Skating

    From Jon B: "Land on your outside edges, get your butt down, and drive your leg forward."

    How to Control Downhill Speeds

    From Kaydo: "I'm interested in your advice on how I can best control speed going down hills. I've been skating too long to be asking this question, but..."

    Police Car Hit 10 Year Old Inline Skater

    A little girl got hit by a police car while she was crossing the street in Edmunton, Canada.

    Northshore Dropped Out of the World Inline Cup

    I heard the Northshore Inline Marathon dropped out of the World Inline Cup in 2006. Now the WIC has *no* events in North America. That does not bode well for our chance of getting inline racing into the Olympics.

    Los Angeles Gets 2009 Ice Figure Skating Worlds

    The 2009 Ice Figure Skating World Championships will take place at Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

    4x90 or 5x84?

    Which do you recommend for someone who has been skating two months?

    Off-Road Inline Skates

    Has anybody had any experience with off-road inline skates such as TrailSkates, Skike, or the Powerslide Nordic Trainer?

    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    Richard Humphrey is in Ebony Magazine!

    Rollerdance video producer Richard Humphrey is featured in the October 2006 issue of Ebony Magazine, in an article called "Rolling, Rolling, Rolling: Get And Stay Fit With Skating". Here is an introduction to that article.

    Free SkateLog Forum Business Cards

    Here's how to order a supply of our free SkateLog Forum business cards so you can pass them out to skaters you meet on your local trails, skateparks, and roller skating rinks.

    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    Reports from the Northshore Marathon

    From Dave Morgan's Northshore Marathon Report: "Instead of dropping me, Speedy stuck around and helped me finish the race. I don't know why. All I know is that I had the best time skating that I have ever had. It was a time that I will never forget. There are times when your brain is full of natural chemical goodness and every sensation is etched into some pathway in a permanent fashion. This was one of those intense times. I think because this race was so important to me..."

    The Hazards of Session Skating

    From Spins: "Last week at the rink a little girl was on the sideline when she decided to get onto the floor. But not with the flow of other skaters. Within twenty seconds she was hit..."

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    Add Your Skating Events to Our Calendar

    Tell us about your local skating events so we can add them to our 2006 and 2007 skating calendars. We are interested in all events, for any skating discipline, large or small, in any country!

    What Sports Do You Love Besides Skating?

    When you are not skating, what other sports are you involved in? What sports - other then skating - are your favorites?

    What Got You Started in Aggressive Inline?

    From Amy's Keeper: "Back in the 1990's my brother and his friends started aggressive skating. I've always wanted to be like my brother so I asked if he could teach me. He took out the middle two wheels of my rec skates..."

    Quadlines and Other Outdoor Quad Skates

    From hydrus01: "I have been researching a lot of different websites in hopes of purchasing a new pair of outdoor quad skates. Has anybody on this forum tried the new Quadlines?"

    Monday, September 11, 2006

    Inspirational Stories About Why People Skate

    Why do you skate? Share your story!

    Heel Brake vs. T-Stop

    In a recent discussion, one skater said the t-stop is more effective and another skater said a well executed heel brake stop is more effective. Which stop works best for you?

    How NOT to Pass on a Crowded Trail

    From sk8scott: "This should be common sense, but I guess not everyone knows passing someone at a blind curve is a bad idea! Here's what happened..."

    Northshore Marathon Roll Call

    Who is skating the 2006 Northshore Inline Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota USA this weekend?

    A2A Roll Call

    Who is skating the 2006 Athens to Atlanta Road Skate on October 1 and what distance are you skating: 38, 52, or 87 miles?

    Question About Skating Backwards

    From onstar: "When I try to skate backwards I use my left foot to push, and I have most of my weight on my right foot. Is this correct? Where should most of my wieght be?"

    Post Your Aggressive Skating Photos Here

    Skaters in our aggressive skating forum are sharing their photos of vert and street skating tricks.

    Artistic Roller Skating 3-Turns

    From Spins: "I'm now doing all my three-turn edges in any and all directions!!! The really fun one is a three-turn on my right foot with my back heel coming toward..."

    A Roller Dance Video Clip from France

    Take look at this roller dancing and cone skating video from France!

    Saturday, September 9, 2006

    Why Are North American Rinks Closing?

    "Spins" thinks immigration is causing North American roller skating rinks to close. What do you think?

    Putting Larger Wheels in the Back

    From Jibberish18: "What is the significance of putting bigger wheels in the back and smaller wheels up front?"

    L-Arginine and Nitric Oxide

    Why do some athletes take these supplements? What are they suppose to do?

    Tips for Making a P-Rail

    From lee-mcdonald: "when I was putting the coping on my mini spine ramp I used liquid nails..."

    Hills to Skate in Los Angeles

    Are there any?

    Fancy Footwork on Artistic Skates

    From Spins: "I've been doing footwork where on a right, forward, inside edge I can rotate three times. At the end I'm skating backward and extending the left leg back as if having landed a jump. Anyone use this in a combination with a jump or other move"

    Slalom Skating in Berlin

    Does anybody know where the local skaters set up slalom runs in Berlin, Germany?

    Historic Roller Skating Rink is Being Restored

    Here is some information about efforts to restore the historic Babbs Roller Skating Rink in Southwick Connecticut and get it listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

    RollerSoccer Web Sites

    Do you know about any RollerSoccer Web sites that are not included here?

    Thursday, September 7, 2006

    Creative Repair Techniques for Figure Skating Boots

    How one skater used screws and super glue to get six more months out of his roller figure skating boots.

    Salomon Skate Sizes

    Some skaters say Salomon skates run larger then shoe sizes and others say they run smaller. What has your experience been?

    How to Measure Skate Wheels

    From CBeck: "What is the best way to go about measuring the size of your skate wheels?"

    Maintaining Rust-Proof Bearings

    From SeJoWa: "Powerslide bearings were mentioned a short while ago on this forum. I'd be grateful for suggestions on how best to pry loose the cover, as dirt and grit will need to be removed after a rain skate"

    Wednesday, September 6, 2006

    Weird Ankle Pain After a Long Skate

    From LinkLemming: "After skating 30 miles I noticed a foot and ankle soreness that I have never experienced before. I notice it most when going up and down stairs. The problem area is on the outside of my foot..."

    Best Plates for Skating Figures?

    From srknurse: "Can anyone tell me which plates are most popular for figures? I use Atlas but saw some I did not recognize at the U.S. Nationals..."

    Which College Campus is Best for Skating?

    Which colleges and universities are best for skating? Do any of them even allow inline skating?

    Tuesday, September 5, 2006

    Best GPS Receiver for Skating

    If you skate with a GPS receiver, which make and model do you have? Would you recommend it to others? What GPS do you recommend for people on a tight budget? What if they had an unlimited amount of money to spend?

    Heat Molding Radical 100's

    From Prefontaine: "I am considering heat molding my Radical 100 skates. How do I get the heel to fit tighter? After they come out of the oven, do I need to put shims or something between the heel cup and the boot?"

    Monday, September 4, 2006

    How to Overcome Fear of Skating

    From Motosk8ter: "Carol broke her arm back in April, and we are now faced with a fear of skating, falling, and things related to the incident. Her return to skating has not been accomplished due to anxiety about what can happen. Has anyone gone thru this and just how did you work out of it?"

    Beginner's Inline Skate Digs Into Calf

    From NakitiDL: "While skating, especially on my left leg, the skate tends to dig into the inside of my calf. I've been trying to stay on the outside of the wheels like you're supposed to, but it only makes it worse..."

    Best Wheel for Artistic Roller Skating?

    From rskater: " I use to inline skate,and I am just getting into quad artistic roller skating. I am having a tough time selecting wheels. The surface I will be skating on is polished cement. I will be doing mainly freestyle. Any hardness and wheel size suggestions?"

    Is There Any Roller Derby in Europe?

    From Scratcher In the Eye: "I'm traveling through Spain and Italy this winter and I was wondering if Roller Derby had made its way out there and if anyone has any contacts?"

    Sunday, September 3, 2006

    Why Do You Skate?

    Our forum visitors are explaining why skating has taken over their lives. Why do you skate?

    Whatever Happened to Snyder Skates?

    The Snyder Skates Web site has disappeared. What happened?

    Four Canadian Roller Rinks Closed

    At least four roller skating rinks in Ontario Canada have closed in the last two or three years.

    Skater Needs Help With a Mohawk Turn

    From RobinF: "I am nursing some rink rash today after falling down AGAIN while trying to master the mohawk turn. I am having a lot of trouble mastering it and I have the bruises to show for it..."

    Mardi Gras Skating Marathon - February 2007

    The second annual Mardi Gras Inline Skating Marathon will take place February 17, 2007 in Lafayette, Louisiana USA.

    Inline Slalom vs. Quad Roller Skating Slalom

    Are IFSA events and rules only for inline slalom skating, or are they also for slalom quad roller skating? Do people still do slalom skating on quad roller skates?

    Boogie Fever Wheel Cleaning Strategy

    From Spins: "During regular skate sessions debris causes bumping wheels to the point of being a huge distraction. The rinks no longer have wheel cleaner machines..."

    Quadline and Other Outdoor Quad Skates

    From hydrus01: "I have been researching a lot of different websites in hopes of purchasing a new pair of outdoor quad skates. Has anybody tried the new Quadlines?"

    Is There Ice Hockey on Bornholm Island?

    Does anybody know if there are any ice hockey clubs on Bornholm Island off the caost of Denmark?

    Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    Anybody Want to Skate in Switzerland?

    The organizers of the low-cost SkateFresh recreational skating tours of the Netherlands are thinking about organizing a skating tour of Switzerland in 2007. Who wants to go?

    ABC-TV is Auditioning Roller Girl Moms

    From ABC Casting: "ABC is looking for Roller Derby-playing moms and their families to appear on our hit reality show, "Wife Swap". The program takes two different families and has the wives switch places to experience how another family lives. "

    A 24 Hour World Record Attempt in Singapore

    A group of male and female skaters in Singapore will try to set a 24 hour relay world record at an Inline Skate Carnival September 8-9, 2006.

    A Fun Night Skate in Beijing China

    The Beijing 66 Show Club organizes a night skate every Saturday evening, in the Chinese city of Beijing, from April to November. The skate usually begins near the Beijing Zoo at 7:30 pm and it has a fun carnival-like atmosphere. Everybody is invited!

    Best Wheels for Skating in Rain?

    From Jonas: "I plan to do the Berlin Marathon this September and I want to be prepared for bad weather. Anyone have a suggestion on a good rain wheel to ensure as good a grip as possible if it happens to be a wet surface? "

    Cracked Boot

    From Seung Ho: "Lately my left boot has been acting weird. I couldn't get on my edges properly. First I thought my muscles were not strong enough. Finally I checked the boot and frame...and wow, the boot is cracked. The carbon fibre has cracked and the metal plate inside is loose..."

    Cracked Frame

    From ChuckBoucher: "While changing my wheels from outdoor to indoor, I checked my frame mounting bolts to make sure they hadn't loosened up. Upon inspection of the area surrounding the frame bolt, I gasped... There it was, the first crack I have ever put in any of the 7 inline frames I've owned..."

    Photos of the 2006 Saint Paul Marathon

    Here are some photos of Saint Paul Inline Marathon, which took place on August 20, 2006.

    Photos of the New York City 100K

    Photos posted by two different skaters and results of the New York City 100K and marathon.

    Inline Grand Prix in the Czech Republic

    On September 2nd there will be a skating event for speed skaters and recreational skaters at the Brno Exhibition Center in the Czech Republic.

    Skate Shopping - K2 Radical 100 vs. RB Lightning TF

    From BarrySVT: "100 millimeter wheels and a mid-rise cuff seem to be the way to go for me. I am looking at the K2 Radical 100 and the Rollerblade Lightning TF. Any opinions or reviews of these skates? Any other models to consider?"

    Heart Rate Monitor Recommendations?

    From rmwaller: "I am looking at buying a heart rate monitor, hopefully no more than 150 bucks. Does anyone use one? Can an HRM tell me how many calories I'm using during the day?"

    How to Make a P-Rail

    From ndragon88: " I can make a base easily but I need to know how people put the PVC on wood and make it stay"

    Slalom Competition in Singapore

    Just added to our calendar: The first event in the next season of the IFSA Freestyle Cup will take place November 24-26, 2006 in Singapore. IFSA is the International Freestyle Skaters Association and they organize freestyle slalom, speed slalom, and high jump competitions for skaters in many different countries.

    Where to Buy Quad Skates in New York

    Does anybody know about any skate shops or sporting goods stores that sell quad roller skates in New York City?

    Short RollerSoccer Video Clip

    SkillWilly shared a short video clip of himself playing RollerSoccer and he invites other skaters to share their YouTube skating video clips.

    Saturday, August 26, 2006

    Naked Skating With Sandy Snakenberg

    From Sandy: "I'm thinking about organizing another naked skate. Any suggestions on a location? I kind of like the thought of doing one in Paris..."

    Rollerblade Founder Will Skate Northshore Marathon

    Scott Olson, the founder of Rollerblade, will compete in the Northshore Inline Marathon on September 26th...

    Introduction to Our New Skating Calendar

    We have two calendars in this forum that cover events from 2006 through 2012. One is a skating calendar and the other is a calendar that displays the birthdays of our forum visitors...

    An Extreme Ice Skating Event in Boston

    Ice skaters will race four at a time on an 1100 foot ice course with whoops, berms, turns, downhills, and one uphill segment. Here are some photos of a similar event in the Czech Republic...

    Beginning Skaters - Share Your Experiences!

    If you are just learning to skate, or even if you are only *thinking* about learning to skate, we would love to hear about your experiences and thoughts. You will get a lot of encouragement and moral support from our forum visitors.

    Ankle Pain Caused Skater to Quit

    From AskRock: "For the past couple of months the inside of my right ankle has been killing me when I skate. It was so bad yesterday, I finally decided to take a break for a month or two..."

    New International Speed Committee Web Site

    Dr. Roberto Marotta, President of the Speed Committee of the International Roller Sports Federation has announced the new CIC new Web site.

    Any Skating in Sierra Vista Arizona?

    Skater is looking for speed skating groups and skating trails in or near Sierra Vista or Tucson Arizona.

    How To Jump High on Skates

    From Fablemaker2: "Let's say you're trying to grind a handrail that is 30 inches off the ground. You really don't have to jump 30 inches. Stack some boards..." [Read More In Our Forum]

    Meet Roller Girls In Our Forum

    These All-Girl Roller Derby Teams are looking for fans and skaters:
  • Central Coast Roller Derby (California)
  • Angel City Derby Girls (California)
  • Inline Empire Derby Divas (California)
  • Dallas Derby Devils (Texas)

  • Thursday, August 24, 2006

    How to Pass on a Crowded Trail

    I always announce when I'm passing, but I have actually had people jump or roll INTO my path when I make my "passing on your left" announcement...

    No More Skating at the Ottawa Race Weekend

    This week the organizers of the Ottawa Race Weekend in Ontario, Canada announced they have dropped inline skating from their lineup of events.

    Dog on the Trail... What Would You Do?

    From skaterdog: "You are approaching a long leashed dog walker at the bottom of a hill. The dog appears to be under control and you have called out to alert the dog walker that you are passing. As you pass you see the dog dash in front of you stretching the leash across your path. You have a split second to decide what to do..."

    280 Skaters Form a Chain in Singapore

    Inline skaters in Singapore tried to set a new Guinness world record while a thousand bystanders cheered them on."

    When Should Wheels Be Rotated?

    From siowhonv: "I have been skating with the same pairs of inlines for over 2 years but not very consistently and not agressively. I am wondering when to change the wheels to swap the insides to the ouside edges?"

    Breaking Techniques for Aggressive Skaters

    Aggressive skates don't come with a brake but there are plenty of other ways to stop on skates.

    Is Street Hockey Legal In Your Area?

    From glick: "I am wondering if our police here in Jersey are the only ones who give problems about playing roller hockey on a small street?"

    Favorite Moments on Quad Skates?

    From Robin F: "What springs to mind when you think of your favorite moments on quads? Is it competition, with its camaraderie and excitement? Rollerdancing on a Saturday night? Practicing a new move and finally mastering it?"

    Free Online Banked Track Plans

    The Milpitas Speed Team has published a set of plans for a Roller Derby style banked skating track.

    How Hard Are SkateBall Wheels?

    From Conceptor1: "I have used the SkaterBall 50 millimeter skate wheel since the 1980's, but SkateBall is no longer in business. I have found 52 millimeter wheels on the internet but I am not sure of the hardness. Does anybody know the hardness of SkateBall Wheels?"

    Tuesday, August 22, 2006

    Sandy's Naked Skating T-Shirts

    Nude skate organizer Sandy Snakenberg has opened a t-shirt shop with shirts bearing a photo of Sandy and friends skating naked across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

    New Excalibur Custom Speed Skates

    From ncspeed: "Here are some photos of my new excalibur customs made by two guys out of Winston-Salem North Carolina. I really like these boots. Very cumfortable, but the ankle is really stiff. I guess I will just get use to that..."

    Is Roller Skating Detrimental to Young Girls?

    During the 1880s roller skating became enormously popular among American children. But this physical activity was considered detrimental to the health of young girls as is evident in this letter published in 1885...

    Flat or Elliptical Wheels for Artistic Inline?

    From CHC: "I am artistic inline skating on 70 millimeter, 80A hardness elliptical wheels, but I have seen special artistic wheels, and I have also seen people using flat wheels. Which are better for edges, control, stability, and spinning?"

    Roller Hockey Player Wants to Slalom Skate

    From Glick: "Is there a site with videos that can teach me how to slalom skate? Is it usually done on a hill? Can i use roller hockey blades?"

    Meet the Inland Empire Derby Divas

    Take a look at the Web site of the Inland Empire Derby Divas of Southern California. Their site includes general information about the team and a list of questions frequently asked by potential roller girls.

    Monday, August 21, 2006

    New Jason McDaniel Custom Speed Skates

    From 6Appeal: "Got my new Jason McDaniel customs Friday. Skated the Saturday afternoon session at the rink. Skates feel great with only the cuff bothering me since itis so stiff..."

    St. Paul Inline Marathon Experiences

    From BuzzingHornet: "What a disappointing race for me. Same ankle problem, and this time it was even worse. I didn't recover until 14 miles into the race..."

    Australian Skater Doesn't Know Where to Start

    From Morrisonhk: "I have the blades and the safety gear but I'm just not sure where to start. I can't find anyone in Canberra to teach me..."

    Which Aggressive Wheels Last Longest?

    Park skater says his wheels wear out too fast and he's wondering what wheels other skaters use.

    Artistic Pairs Skaters in India

    This article about pairs artistic roller skaters Upasana Updhyay and Aaron Jayant Saldanha of India includes a photo of them practicing together.

    What Do You Enjoy Most About Quad Skating?

    From Rachel Ann Fournier: "A few months ago I decided to try quad roller skating again and became hooked. At first it bothered me that I didn't know anyone at the skating rink, but little by little, I began to make friends..."

    Slalom Championship Finals in Barcelona

    The International Freestyle Skating Association 2006 Final Championships will take place August 25-27 in the city of Terrassa, which is near Barcelona, Spain. More then 100 skaters from at least 10 countries will participate, and events will include freestyle slalom, speed slalom, free jump, and high jump.

    New Roller Dancing Movies

    Some of the newest movies to feature roller dancing include "Roll Bounce", "Eight Wheels And Some Soul Brotha Music", and "ATL".

    New Dallas Derby Devils Web Site

    The Dallas Derby Devils roller girl Web site disappeared for a while, but now it is back, according to Derby Devil "June Carter Crash".

    Sunday, August 20, 2006

    Show Us a Picture of Your Skates

    What are you skating on now? Share a photo!

    Roller Dance Competitions - Where and When?

    From Aruala8k: "Who can tell me about the locations and dates of roller dance and jamskate competitions?"

    Saturday, August 19, 2006

    Skateboarder Wants to Inline Skate

    From Jon: "I did skateboarding for 5 years and now I'm into BMX, but inline skating looks like so much fun. I need some advice about where to start..."

    Stretching Exercises for Skaters

    Is it a good idea to stretch before skating? Some people tell me it's very important to do so, and others tell me you should never stretch muscles before they are warmed up.

    Blue Cannibals Are Awesome

    From MotoSk8ter: "I have been using Rokdaddy's blue cannibals for a while now. Are there any better quad wheels out there?"

    British Freestyle Slalom Battle

    There will be a freestyle slalom competition in the United Kingdom on Saturday, October 7, 2006. The event will take place at the Victoria Leisure Centre in the city of Nottingham.

    A Roller Contest in Siberia

    There will be a skating competition in Novosibirsk, Russia August 25-27, 2006.

    Photos of Our Forum Visitors

    Take a look at who's visiting our forum!

    Friday, August 18, 2006

    What Water Does To a Bearing (Photo)

    A picture of what happens to the inside of a skate bearing when it gets wet. This photo was taken during the Rotterdam Wednesday Night skate in the Netherlands.

    Best Inline Hockey Web Sites

    Tell us about your favorite inline hockey Web sites.

    Description of a Bad Fall at a Skate Park

    From Skipper: "This ****head skated right in front of me. I managed to go around him but then I hit a ledge..."

    Skating the Great Wall of China (Video)

    From Seba: "The challenge was to be the first skaters ever to slalom on the Great Wall of China. We did it though the conditions were difficult..."

    When Should I Rotate My Wheels?

    From Siowhonv: "I have been skating with the same pairs of inlines for over two years but not very consistently and not agressively. I am wondering when I should change the wheels."

    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    Confused About Cleaning and Lubricating

    Skater wants to know if the procedure they used to clean their bearings was OK. Did they skip a step? Should they have applied some kind of lubricant?

    An October Inline Marathon in Spain

    Here is some information about an inline skating marathon October 28-29, 2006 in the city of Gijon, Spain. I am not that good at reading Spanish, but it looks like there will be races on both days. The location looks beautiful!

    Artistic Skating in Australia and Italy

    An Australian ice skater wants to learn inline figure skating in Melbourne, and she also has a question about artistic roller skating events in Calabria, Italy.

    How Important is Backwards Skating?

    From CBeck: "My primary interest is in going forward and my free time is limited, so I'm trying to figure out where my learning efforts should be directed. How important is learning to skate backwards?"

    Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    How to Do Forward Flips on Skates

    From Lee McDonald: "How can I practice doing forward flips on skates? I don't have a trampoline..."

    Long Distance Skating Events

    Marcel reminded us the Inline One-Eleven is happening this weekend (a fantastic 111k event in Switzerland) so I thought this would be a good time to start a list of long distance skating events around the world.

    My First and Sketchy Front Flip (Video)

    From Mouse: "Last time I was on this forum I told people I could do front flips and no one belived me. Now I've got proof!"

    What is the Fastest Stride Frequency Possible?

    From Clemens: "I tried to find out the stride frequency of Luca Presti by watching a video. I had difficulty counting as fast as he made his skating steps, but I think it was almost two per second!"

    Monday, August 14, 2006

    What Aggressive Set-Up Are You Skating On?

    From Amy's Keeper: "Aggressive skaters - What setup are you skating on and have you done any "special" things to your skates?"

    Any Skating in Fairfax Virginia?

    From Clemens: "I am looking for a skate track or trail and people to skate with in Fairfax, Virginia. I will probably be there on 29th of October and some evenings the following week."

    New Frankie Morales Remz

    Has anybody seen the new Frankie Morales Remz aggressive skate? Is it any good?

    How to Train for a 100K Race

    From Clemens: "There are literally hundreds of training plans for running marathons, but I did not find anything on how to prepare for a 100k skate. Do you have any experience or advice?"

    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    Are Anti-doping Controls a Joke at Speed Events?

    From Our Forum: "They do testing (at world class speed skating events) but some skaters say 'nope i dont want to get tested' and walk off and there are no penalties. Skaters have proved positive and it has been covered up. Syringes have been found in the toilet blocks next to the world championship courses..."

    Seattle Eddy Matzger Workshop Photos

    Thirty-three pages of photos of an August 11-13, 2006 Eddy Matzger speed skating workshop in Seattle, Washington. Select the numbers at the top of the page to see all of the photos.

    Saturday, August 12, 2006

    Is There Any Place to Skate in Pasadena?

    From AndrewV: "I'm to visit Pasadena in October and would like to know if it's good idea to take skates with me. I'm a beginner at inline speedskating so desirable track is a lane with good asphalt..."

    Is Denver a Good Place to Skate?

    From BermudaSkater: "Does anyone here know about the skating scene in Denver Colorado?"

    2006 Artistic Roller Skating World Championships

    The 51st annual Artistic Roller Skating World Championships will take place November 27 through December 10, 2006 at the Murcia Municipal Sports Palace in the city of Murcia, Spain. Here is the official event Web site and some general information about visiting Murcia and Spain.

    Skater is Looking for Slideboard Surface Material

    From Crumppie: "Anyone know where I can buy the material you place on slideboards? I use to buy it at Rickels, where it came in rolls..."

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    Shoddy Treatment at U.S. Artistic Nationals

    From SpinJumpSk8: "Just wanted to comment on how shoddy the facilities were at the U.S. Artistic Nationals this year. Come on now, no dressing rooms to change in? I know most people spent big bucks on their outfits and I for one didn't want to have to lay mine on the grubby floor in a public restroom..."

    How to Improve U.S. Artistic Nationals

    From Pacificsk8r: "Regarding the 2006 United States Artistic Roller Skating National Championships in Lincoln: I don't feel the programming was very well thought out or very condusive to the advancement of the sport of roller skating..."

    OK to Skate With a Torn Rotator Cuff?

    From GBO: "Doctor diagnosed a torn rotator cuff. Surgery in 2 weeks. How long I'll be off skates after that is unknown. I would like to skate between now and then but if I swing my arms the injury gets aggravated... "

    Heat Molding Boots With the Wheels On

    From Skaterdog: "I tried to heat mold my boots with the wheels on and now the wheels seem wobbly..."

    Who is Skating the New York 100K or Marathon?

    From Dev Gnoll: "New York City 100K and skate marathon, Prospect Park, Aug 26, 2006. Who is in?"

    Thursday, August 10, 2006

    Actor Needs to Learn to Skate in 2 Weeks

    From JDL: "I need to learn to skate - on quads - in the next 2 weeks. I am going to be in a play and I will skate on the stage. Rehearsals start in a couple of weeks..."

    Live Coverage of the Speed Skating Worlds

    From Godzilla: "Bont Skates, in cooperation with, is proud to bring you the official FIRS Speed Committee live coverage for the 2006 Inline World Championships in Anyang, Korea."

    Exploding Off the Start Line

    From Fablemaker2: "Can recommend some good drills for quick starts? Any hints to keep me from learning bad habits?"

    How to Do a 360 on a Half Pipe

    From Fablemaker2: "I'm ready to try a 360 in a half-pipe. Any tips? I'm prepared to crash. Please help me to avoid that!"

    Speedy's Training Log is Baaaaaaaaaack

    How far did you skate today? Did you encounter any problems or surprises? Did you do any off-skate training? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Skater's New Wolfe Alpha Racing Boots

    From Dev Gnoll: "My new boots came in. Wolfe Alphas. They are sweet - only a little hotspot. Been out for a total of about 60 miles..."

    How to Register for a Forum User Name

    Everyone can read messages in our new skating forum, but before you can post new messages or reply to other people's messages you will need to create a forum user name. To sign up for a user name, connect to the forum and select "Register" from left side of the blue bar at the top of the page.

    We Are Rebuilding Our Skating Forum Now

    To view the progress of the skating forum being built on this Web site, connect to the New SkateLog Forum. We are still trying to decide if we should attempt to import the data from our old phpBB forum or just restore that forum for reference, but lock out registrations and new posts. To be determined... more information soon...

    Wednesday, August 9, 2006

    The AskAboutSkating Forum is Being Moved

    The forum at is being completely transformed. It will open again, in the next few days, with some radical changes:
  • New Forum Software: vBulletin
  • New Web Site Hosting Service: Pair
  • New Domain Name:
    We are trying to save all of the messages posted in the forum over the last five years, so keep your fingers crossed about that. But in the meantime we will have forum software that is not free, but is commercially supported and a Web site host that is more expensive, but very skilled, experienced, and reliable.