Friday, October 27, 2006

Any Tips for Learning Crossover Turns?

From Rab23: "I taught myself to skate on inlines last summer, however I never knew anything about a cross over until I got to a skating rink and saw everybody doing it, I've given it a few attempts on inlines and I'm making small progress. How do you actually do it?"

What Are Your Speed Skating Plans for 2007?

Which races around the world are you planning to skate in 2007?

Can Skate Wheels Be Cleaned in a Dishwasher?

From Motosk8ter: "Can skate wheels be washed in the dishwasher? Meets all the requirements, water, soap etc..."

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Transitioning to Speed Skates

From DMoore: "After months of reading forums to learn about inline equipment, I finally made the leap to speed skates. Other than telling me to just get out there and skate, are there any words of advice while going through this major period of adjusting?"

Monday, October 23, 2006

Cleaning Bearings With a Needle (Video Clip)

Dutch Skillwilly posted a video clip demonstrating how he uses a needle to unassemble and clean his skate bearings. Very cool!

Is Mogema Getting Out of the Skate Business?

Rumors are floating around that Mogema is getting out of the ice skate and inline skate business. Is it true?

Bont and RAPS are Teaming Up

From an October 16, 2006 press release: "Bont Australia and Raps Holland have announced that they have signed a long term distribution agreement for Europe. The agreement will also include both companies manufacturing skate parts for each other..."

Skating With a Bad Leg Wrap

From Spins: "From time to time I've heard the phrase that a certain artistic skater has a bad leg wrap on a jump but I never understood the meaning. If someone gets through a jump and lands, what is the big deal with how the leg goes with the skater?"

How to Heat Mold Speed Boots

From Oferyko: "Since my dealer forgot to supply me with instruction on how to heat mould my boots, can anyone give me some tips?. "

Show Us Your Feet

Skaters are sharing photos of what skating has done to their feet!

What is the Best Brand of Bearings?

From MaherWoman: "What is the best brand of bearings? I've been told Bones Swiss is sworn-by as the best, is this true?"

Extreme Ice Skating

Two Web sites are promoting the new sport of extreme ice skating. What do you think about that sport? Would you try it?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

California Skating Rink Bans Roller Dancers

From RollerDanceMan: "Recently at our regular R&B rink skating session the manager got on the mike and said that we can no longer dance in the middle of the floor. I spend 95% of my time in the middle. Can you imagine the shock on everyones face??? Has anyone else gone through this madness, and if so what did you do?"

Which Makes Nicer Legs - Skating or Running?

Do the legs of runners and skaters develop differently? Show us a photo of your skater legs.

New Roller Derby Skater Needs Advice

From StinkBomb: "After a few laps or a real push the tops of my feet and my ankles start burning like hell and my legs shake. I want to develop more endurance and strength..."

Skater Experiencing Foot Arch Pain

From Huy: "The middle of my foot aches whenever I rollerblade for more than 10 minutes. Here's a picture showing where it hurts..."

PIC vs. SnowWhite Artistic Inline Frames

From Zerio: "I've seen the SnowWhite artistic frames in videos but the spins have no speed. Only camels and traveling camels could be performed. How about PIC frames? I Haven't seen any videos to compare them, but only photos of a woman skating outdoors doing toe spins and other acrobatic stuff, but no axels or toe loops..."

Inline Speedskate Wheel Manufacturers

Who are the main inline speed skate wheel manufacturers, and what are each companies specialties, strengths, and weaknesses?

Crowded Roller Skating Rinks ...ARGH!!!

From MaherWoman: "Did I have a frustrating time in the rink today! They were having FIVE birthday parties and I spent more time dodging unpredictable, irritating kids and fallen bodies than actually skating."

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Is Inline Skating Perceived as a Gay Sport?

From Sk8Scott: "Like it or not, the mainstream young American male is homophobic and equates male inline skating with male homosexuality. This intimidates them and others out of trying the sport, if their laziness hasn't already deterred them. Feats of speed, endurance, and/or grace aren't "manly" in the USA if lycra is involved..."

Skating With Weights

From Ice Ramps: "I'm trying to maximize my limited skate time (limited being around 15-20 hours per week of inline skating and ice skating combined) by using a 20 pound weighted vest along with 5 pound ankle weights. Anyone else done this type of work out? Pros? Cons?"

New Skater is Experiencing Back Pain

From Kataris: "After skating for 10-20 minutes, I develop a pain in my lower back, almost like my muscles there are contracting and trying to bend my back in half. Anyone else experience this? Or know how to keep it from happening?"

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

A2A Results, Reports, and Photos

Skaters who did 87 miles, 52 miles, or 38 miles in the October 1, 2006 Athens to Atlanta Road Skate are posting their reports and photos here. If you skated that event, tell us about your experience!

Monday, October 2, 2006

How To Prevent and Treat a Foot Blister

From MaherWoman: "I had a VERY painful, red, slightly swollen blister, and since putting one of those pads on it about three hours ago, there's been a drastic improvement..."

Do All Skaters Need To Wear Helmets?

Do only speed skaters and outdoor recreational skaters need to wear helmets? What about slalom skaters, roller dancers, artistic skaters, and recreational skaters in a roller rink? Do you favor mandatory helmet laws?

A2A 2006 Results and Reports

Here are the results of the 87 mile Athens to Atlanta race in Georgia USA on October 1, 2006. Watch for reports from our forum visitors who skated A2A in the next few days.