Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Show Us a Picture of Your Feet

The infamous thread is back...

Skate Axels Are Getting Harder to Remove

From SanGabriel: "Every time I do wheel maintenance on my Salomon TR Vitesse 3 skates it gets harder and harder to remove the axles from the micro bearings to get the wheels off the frame."

Re-Attaching Quad Skate Toes With Glue

From Dec8rSk8r: "Has anyone ever glued down the toes of their boots? One of the toes on my quad skate boots is starting to come off."

European Inline Speed Skating Events in 2009

Which European inline speed skating events are not yet on the 2009 SkateLog Calendar?

Four Tricks on One Grind

Soul to mizzou to porn to acid... all in 8 feet!

2009 Gold Skate Show Roller Skating Competition

Who's going to Gold Skate 2009 in Fresno, California?

Derby Girls Talk About the Bont Vapor Skate

From Sarah Pickard: "I am currently wearing Wicked skates and they are killing my feet as I have a narrow foot and high instep. I am looking at a new derby skate from Bont call the Vaypor. How does it compare to the Derby Carbon?"

How to Get Started Shuffle Skating

From Interested: "Can someone please explain how to shuffle skate? I see people doing it, but they are going so fast, it is hard to see what's actually happening with their feet."

2009 Rollerblade Twister 243 Slalom Skates

From Butterboy: "With the Twister, Twister II and Twister II Pro being so popular with slalom and freestyle skaters I thought I'd ask if anybody knows about the Twister 243."

Inline Hockey Federation (CIRILH) Wants a New Logo

The International Inline Hockey Committee wants to update their logo. Proposed inline hockey logo images are being accepted by CIRILH until January 30, 2009.

Moving From Recreational Skates to Speed Skates

A British skater talks about transitioning from Seba FR1 recreational skates to Bont Jet speed skates.