Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to Make a Healthy Smoothie

From j_nolesfan: "Since I'm on a smoothie diet, I thought it might be a good idea to check and see what everyone else does in regards to smoothies at home. Here's my recipe..."

Tell Us About Your Worst Road Rage Encounter

From Dev Gnoll: " This rusty white station wagon pulled along side me and the blob at the wheel starts yelling 4 letter words, along with something about sidewalks. He's got a teenager in the passenger seat and the back is full of fishing gear..."

Photos of the 2008 Inline One Eleven in Switzerland

From Clements: "Europe`s longest and most legendary skate race is titled "One-Eleven". Originally it was 111km longbut today - after some rerouting - the race goes for 114.5 kilometers. 2008 was the 11th Inline 111 and it took place on August 17. Here are photos and a report from St. Gallen, Switzerland, - west of Lake Konstanz - where the Inline One-Eleven starts and ends."

Best Inline Skates for a 6 Year Old Girl?

From varuscelli: "My six year old daughter is getting very interested in inline skating. She wears roughly an 11.5 to 12 in children's shoe. What skates would you recommend for her?"