Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quad Speed Skater Photo Gallery

If you want to contribute any pictures to our free online gallery of quad speed roller skating photos you can (1) post them in this forum discussion, (2) send them to, or (3) mail them via postal service to Kathie Fry, PO Box 12320, Venice Beach, California 90295.

Where to find Live Organ Roller Skating Sessions

From retread: "I've been enjoying the wonderful Sunday night live organ music sessions at the Sportsman's Hall Roller Rink in Baltimore County Maryland. Are there any happening near you?"

Is Asphalt Harder to Skate On Then Concrete?

From KMPX2: "So far most of my time on my blades has been on new concrete in a new subdivison by my house. But I have been to 2 different parks with asphalt paths and I seem to get tired a lot faster."

Best Inline Skates for Long Distance Skating?

From Cat1Coach: "I have grown tired of bicycle racing after 20+ years and have decided to keep fit by skating similar number of hours. What skates and wheels do you recomment?"

Is It OK for Pregnant Women to Skate?

Is skating good exercise for a pregnant woman? Have you ever seen a pregnant woman on skates?

Have You Ever Taken a Zephyr Skate Tour?

Zephyr Aventures just released their 2008 schedule of skating holidays in Canada, France, the Netherlands, and several other destinations. Do you think Zephyr Skate Tours are worth the price?

Which Side of the Road Do You Skate On?

From Skateguy: "Bikes are required to stay to the right in Houston Texas. Pedestrians, must walk against traffic if no sidewalk is present. Skaters have their choice..."

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Are Kids at Public Skating Sessions Out Of Control?

From fireproof: "Eight million kids under 13 going every which way completely oblivious of anyone else on the floor. But what took the cake was a little girl about 10 who came up from behind me..."

Memories of Closed Roller Skating Rinks

It seems like a very number of roller skating rinks have closed in the last 10 or 15 years. Do you have any memories, photos, or facts to share about a roller skating rink that has closed?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Are These Maryland and Virginia Rinks Still Open?

There are no indoor roller skating rinks in Washington DC but many of these Maryland and Virginia rinks are not far away. Are all of these MD and VA roller rinks still open?