Monday, December 22, 2008

How Skaters Can Avoid Marking Up Gym Floors

From Aggro Amazon: "We just started practicing at a new venue with wooden floors. At our first practice session we noticed our knee pads were leaving black marks on the floor when we fell...."

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holy Crap This Quad Wheel is Narrow

From beep: "Take a look at this Lanzini wheel picture. It looks like they totally eliminated the front lip."

Does Cold Weather Affect Skate Wheels?

From SpeedLimit: "I was just wondering if and how cold weather affects skate wheels and skates. Does the wheel plastic get more brittle? Does the cold wear out the bearings and skates more quickly?"

Friday, December 12, 2008

Do Quad Speed Skaters Need Toe Stops?

From hippykesh: "I am sick of this talk about how you need a toe stop for indoor speed skating. In Australia the only skates with toe stops were the ones you hired from the rink. No one used them and the crap going around that a toe stop gives you a faster start is just rubbish..."

Guava Paste is Cheaper Then Power Gels for Athletes

From Drella: "On the weekends, I like to put in big miles and the price of GU and other such energy gels are getting too costly. A junior cycling pro I know gave me the fix-all.... Guava Paste!"

Is Artistic Inline an Unsuccessful Copy of Artistic Quad Skating?

From Arthur Lee: "This comment was included in a recommendation from the FIHP to change the name of the Artistic Inline World Championships to the Artistic Inline International Trophy: "The solo dance and show groups cannot be considered as competitions being a show only, while artistic inline skating is still an unsuccessful copy of artistic quad skating""

Question For Skaters Who Have Seriously Broken Bones

From roller-dudette: "Its almost 90 days post surgery. My arm is aching bad again. I'm not sure if it's healing pain or the bolts are coming loose or what. How long does broken bone pain usually last?"

Opening a Roller Rink on Antigua Island

From nblfyb: "Last night I started thinking about opening a rink here in my country called Antigua. It's a small island in the Eastern Caribbean, 108 square miles with about 82,000 people. I would like to open a roller skating rink here but I'm not sure if it would be profitable. What you guys think?"