Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chad Hedrick is Back

From Lammert: "With a fantastic race against Enrico Frabris at the World Cup in Heerenveen, Chad Hedrick is getting back to his old level of speedskating. His lap times in the last part of this video are amazing!"

Who Can Do a Perfect Iceburg on Roller Skates?

From jammin'beck: "......I've been trying to teach myself the iceburg, but have hit a wall. When it's time to turn the left foot onto the wheel edge, I can only hold it for half a second. Any advice?"

Are Inline Skates Harder on Knees Then Quad Skates?

From Soundman: "I was a good quad skater in the 70's and 80's and even competed at one time. After 25 years of not skating I bought some inline skates, but after skating a few weeks, me knees are still quite sore. Should I switch back to quad skates?"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Inline Hockey Skates for Big Guys

From kcoola: "Which inline hockey skates would be best for a person who is heavier then average??

Tips for Blocking Hard in Roller Derby

From Razor Rockette: "I've been skating roller derby for a year, and feel I'm improving, but I'm rubbish at blocking. I can't seem to hit hard with either my shoulders or my hips. Any tips?"?

Who is the Highest Paid Speed Skater?

A speed skater in Cameroon wants to know: Who is the highest paid inline skater in the world?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Artistic Worlds Halted - Floor Unskatable

The 2008 Artistic Roller Skating World Championships in Taiwan began on November 8 and today (November 11) the skaters and coaches were told not to show up at the venue because the floor is too slippery for skating. Several remedies have been attempted including applying a mixture of Coca-Cola, vinegar, and water to the floor. Read all about it in our Artistic Forum.

Which Speed Boot Is Cut the Lowest?

From Yonatan: "What is the lowest cut boot you know about? How low have the skate manufacturers gone in the achilles area, in the front, and around the ankle bones?

Berlin Inline Vert Competition Video Clip

From geriatricskate: I was unable to go to the vert competition in Berlin last weekend so I pestered the SAG people to share a video clip...

Pet Peeve - Grandstanding Roller Derby Refs

Skateguy: "At the our regional championship bout this weekend, I saw more "Reffing" than I have seen in my life. The games were often stopped for long periods of time to have long discussions..."

Slalom Skaters - Do Your Ride Flat or Rockered?

From Banzai: "Just curious... how many of you slalom skaters ride rockered (and how rockered) and how many ride flat?"