Monday, August 27, 2007

Is Slalom Possible in Rockered Fitness Skates?

From zombiestyle: "My new skates fit really well, but being fitness skates they have a longer frame then slalom skates. With some rockering, will slaloming be possible on my fitness skates?"

Lightweight Boots and Plates for Dance?

From NYsk8m8: "I'm a skinny little thing and would like to get new light weight boots and plates for dance. Does anybody have any recommendations?"

Vertical Roller Skaters Do it Like a Crab

What's up with that weird side stance?

Carrying Skates Onto Airplanes - Is It OK?

Will the airlines let me carry my skates onto the plane?

Who's Skating the London Marathon?

The 2007 London Inline Marathon is coming up this weekend - it's Sunday, September 2. Who's planning to be there?

Monday, August 20, 2007

How to Avoid Pronating in Speed Boots

From Npawn: "When doing crossovers, I find myself pronating HORRIBLY on my right leg. This causes me to slip pretty badly on that foot..."

How to Cover Scuff Marks on White Boots

From Kennedy: "My jamskates have white 695 boots. Is there any easy way to cover scuff marks on white skate boots?"

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Amsterdam Friday Night Skate - 10th Anniversary

From harmen: "The Amsterdam Friday Night Skate on August 31, 2007 will be the 10th anniversary of the oldest night skate in Holland. "

Paris Friday Night Skate - Largest in the World?

I read somewhere that the Paris Friday Night Skate had 28,000 skaters at their largest night skate. Is that true? What is it like to roll with that many skaters?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Help! I'm getting killed out there!

Derby Girl: "I joined a roller derby team about two months ago, and do pretty good at keep my arse off the ground, but there is always one fall that gets me really bad. My hips are swollen and bruised..."

Does Ohio Have the Most Roller Rinks?

Does the state of Ohio have more roller skating rinks per square mile then any other part of the world? It sure seems that way...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Best Way to Lace Up Artistic Boots

From MWehmeier: "How you lace up your skates depends on your foot, the type of boot your wearing and what type of skating you're doing." [Read More]

Best Way to Lace Up Speed Boots

From an article by Glenn Koshi: "Make sure your laces are laced up going over the top of the eyelet. In other words, as you lace up the boot, lace in the next eyelet by going from up - down through the hole." [Read More]

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bridging the Gap Between Recreation and Speed

Sometimes recreational skaters have not felt welcomed when then ventured into the world of speedskating. What can be done to encourage more fitness and recreational skaters to try speedskating?

Is Simmons Making Speed Boots in Korea?

From Simmons/Schankel Racing: "We will still be making boots in the United States but we will be offering the choice of... "

Skating Almost Naked in a Muscle Suit

You have to watch this video clip all the way to the end to "appreciate" it.

USA Roller Sports Regional Web Sites

From ChristyS: "Is there any reason why the U.S. regional Web sites can't be subdomains of "

Monday, August 6, 2007

Do Male Skaters Wear Too Many Sequins?

From Dennis Belkofer: "I was taken aback by the costumes worn by the men at U.S. Artistic Nationals. Why all the sequins and flowing sashes? Forgive me for not being politically correct, but all those gaudy decorations are far from masculine!"

Difference Between Stock and Custom Speed Boots

From j nolesfan: "I don't think I need to spend all that money for a custom boot, plus waiting for molding, plus waiting while they're made, unless they are going to bring me more than just a perfect fit, which I can get with a heat gun on almost any stock boot. Why buy customs?"